Sirolo, art & culture

Storia, arte e cultura da scoprire a Sirolo

Sirolo wonderful old town is full of unexpected angles and views. The heart of the city, within medieval walls, are the perfect scenery for a pleasant holiday. The squares and the streets come alive with outdoor cafes, restaurants, shops and markets, creating ...emotions.

The town center keeps unaltered the urban layout of the ancient medieval castle with the same alleys closed within the walls. Walking along the walls it’s still possible to see one of the ancient towers. The alleys are passable only by foot and they still allow you to feel the ancient atmosphere of a medieval village.

Picene Necropolis

n the archaeological area called "I Pini" it s possible to find a Picene Necropolis.
Among the tombs discovered, you can distinguish a circular monumental tomb called the "Tomb of the Picene Queen." Built on a funeral area of more than 40 metres of diameter,it’s the largest circle aristocratic tomb ever discovered. In mass graves inside the tomb, two wagons, a chariot and a horse-drawn carriage, the remains of a pair of mules and numerous ornaments referred to the Queen, furnishings and household utensils were found. .

Cortesi's Theater (Teatro Cortesi)

It has 280 seats and it’s a tiny jewel of architecture and acoustics, required by Sirolo people a san equipment for their civilian life. Since 1908 it’s here, between the medieval door and towers of the walls. After a long period of closure , since 1985 it’s open and wonderful again.

Caves Theater (Teatro alle Cave)

It is an exceptional work: an abandoned quarry of Monte Conero that, it's magically transformed, in June, into a theater that disappeared every year in September. We're not talking about a vision or a mirage, but about a genuine theater that can contain 2500 people with the stage, seats, ticket office, dressing rooms and bathrooms. Since 1985 this place has proposed a theater festival that is called "Caves Theatre Review". Corrado Pani and Carmelo Bene, Valeria Moriconi and Carla Fracci, Gigi Proietti and Nino Manfredi, Beppe Grillo and Roberto Benigni, Panariello and Fiorello, Francesco De Gregori Lucio Dalla made a great show in this unique setting of the summer nights. When the spotlight are turned off, it begins another show: the one of nature with stars and the wild scenery of the quarry.

St.Nicholas of Bari's Church (Chiesa di San Nicola di Bari)

It was realized in the 18th century and it stands in Vittorio Veneto Square (Piazza Vittorio Veneto) flanked by an high tower topped by a dome-shaped-roof. The Church keeps inside a series of ancient figurative works, a wooden crucifix (16th century) and a splendid church organ (18th century) recently renovated.

St. Peter's Church in Conero (Chiesa di San Pietro al Conero)

It is located near the summit of Mount Conero. Its origins lie around the first half of the 11th century, when Benedictine monks built a monastery as a refuge for praying. Inside, the church still has a basilica shape with three naves and marble-stone capitals adorn the columns with acanthus leaves, pine berries, flowers and animals.

St. Rosary Church (Chiesa di S.S. Rosario)

It is located along via Italia (Italia street), near the Gothic Arch that marks the town southern entrance. Almost hidden among houses of the old town, the Baroque style Church was built in 1613. Inside, in addition to the Peter from Treia's remains (Pietro di Treia 1214-1304), some works of historical and artistic interest are preserved.

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