History of Sirolo

Sirolo: from ancient feud to seaside resort

Sirolo origins are very remote, about one hundred thousand years ago: prehistoric graffiti and material like flint spearhead found on Mount Conero give evidence of this fact. Sirolo is inhabited since Picene age. During the Roman age it was controlled by the cives Humanae, actually called Numana. Around 1560, according to the tradition, it was named “Sirolo” from Sirius, one leader of the Justinian army (lead by General Belisario), which received the order to control this territory after the victory over the Goths (that had invaded the Picene area). Around the thousand year, for facing raids, barbaric invasion and needs to defend itself, Sirolo acquired its identity as fortress, with its network of alleys and towers. For defending the town against barbarians, people from Sirolo also built a series of underground tunnels that formed a real hidden city where they lived, continuing to trade in a corner. The medieval city was one of the most important meeting place of the Franciscan movement and of all those monastic orders that were wishing the return of the original spirit of the Gospel Church and that took refuge in Sirolo and Conero area, since they were persecuted. In 1225, Cortesi family made over Sirolo and all its castles to Ancona, for obtaining the inclusion in the Ancona nobility. Despite catastrophic natural events, Sirolo Castle remained impregnable during all of the Middle Ages. Since 1465, the castle issued some laws for managing itself. This freedom lasted until the end of 1600, before the papal domination. The city still preserves the shape assumed during the Middle Ages: the castle, towers and walls make us believe that the time has never passed and that the old medieval atmosphere is still alive. The town, with its streets and alleys, is currently developing outside the medieval walls, along a beautiful road that leads from the principal square to the periphery, the vineyards as centuries ago., touch the doors of houses.

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